Thank You Stow-Munroe Falls School District Staff

The Akron Children’s Tree Festival has always been one of our favorites… But this year was the BEST! ❤️🎄

This Brave Strong Smart Beautiful Girl melts my heart… 


Good News

We are happy to report that Leah’s October MRI showed no evidence of tumor progression. We are looking forward to the holidays- the baking, the shopping, the decorating, and best of all, just being at home. 🎄

I wish I could say that no progression means Leah is feeling better, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Most days, she doesn’t feel well. Symptoms range from headaches and dizziness, to feeling achy all over. We are working with a new specialist at the Cleveland Clinic to help manage symptoms. 

Currently, Leah is not taking steroids or receiving chemotherapy. Due to the fact that there’s been no tumor progression since July, we will not pursue a new anti-tumor treatment at this time. Instead we will focus on using medications to simply help her feel better. 

Leah has been attending school using a VGo. The VGo is a robot stationed at the school, and Leah controls it from home using her iPad. She can see and hear everything in the classroom, and they can see and hear her. It’s pretty cool. She’s learning and happy, and we’re very grateful that the school district provided her this opportunity. We’re also grateful for the teachers that have welcomed Leah and this new technology into their classroom. Recently, the Akron Beacon Journal reported on Leah’s new setup. Here’s the link, if you’d like to read about it.

It was great to see so many people in our community wearing their Brave Strong Girl shirts this September in honor of childhood cancer awareness month. It’s crazy how much has changed in the past five years. When Leah was first diagnosed, it seemed like childhood cancer awareness was almost nonexistent. Now, childhood cancer awareness is supported by Lokai bracelets, Ivory Ella, professional athletes, Amazon, and numerous national monuments that participate in “Light It Up Gold”….  The change is heart warming.

Also, thank you to everyone who ordered one of the new Brave Strong Girl shirts. We were proud to donate $950 to St. Baldrick’s Foundation!

If you visit the Akron Children’s Tree Festival next week, be on the lookout for the beautiful tree donated by Stow teachers in honor of Leah and our friend Jackson. A few of my dear friends organized the donation. 

Finally, thank you for your continued prayers. We are thankful. ❤️