I just started reading blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This is what I read tonight:

“Next time you meet a doctor, and you sit down in his office and he starts to talk, if you have the sense that he isn’t listening to you, that he’s talking down to you, and that he isn’t treating you with respect, listen to that feeling. You have thin-sliced him and found him wanting.” p43

Just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling with whether or not to return to the pulmonologist that was so disappointing. 

We don’t return to restaurants when we don’t like the food. We don’t return to stores when we don’t like the merchandise.

It’s interesting to think about why I was even considering going back… Do we hold doctors in such high esteem that they are an exception to the rule? 

That, most certainly, should not be the case. 

I’ll be on the hunt for a new pulmonologist first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.