Third Times a Charm

Today, we landed in the hospital for the third time this month. The first week, in early March, Leah was mistakenly diagnosed with and treated for pneumonia. She’s had atelectasis in the left lung since November. This was mistaken as pneumonia, because the doctor didn’t compare the X-ray to previous images. (And Mitch and I didn’t know that pneumonia and atelectasis look the same, being we’re not doctors.) 

We learned of this mistake last week, when were admitted to the PICU for the same symptoms. It was determined the symptoms were bipap related, not pneumonia. So the goal of this second admission was to titrate the bipap. After three long nights and a lot of confusion, we were sent home with a new bipap with incorrect settings.  (Am I kidding? Nope.) Then, even after the settings were corrected the next day, Leah was still having symptoms. So here we are today, back in the PICU…

We are so, so tired of being in the hospital. Please pray that the doctors determine the correct bipap settings, so we can go home. And then stay home for a very long time. 🏠❤