Good Results

The MRI showed overall improvement. No explanation for the lack of sensation in her right leg… We will just keep moving forward and praying for complete healing. 

Leah was incredible today. She remained composed, despite the situation. Not only was this MRI tube much smaller, but the stabilizing mask was bulky and entirely too close to her face. For a second, after they snapped the mask into place, I almost called it off. But she remained calm, so I followed. On top of that, the earphones weren’t working, so the playlist that she spent an hour organizing the night before, could only be played in the room to be heard over earplugs and the banging of the machine. I have no idea how she stayed in there, absolutely still for two hours, without a single complaint. Executive decision- NEVER subjecting her to that again. We’ll hold out for MRI 3 or go elsewhere.

Tomorrow was supposed to be Leah’s last day of rehab, but we were offered a two week extension. As much as we want it to be over, we know it’s the best thing for her. So we’ll be sticking it out until January 27th.

We’ll continue with chemo every three weeks, and her next appointment is Tuesday.