Week 4

Today marks the beginning of our fourth week of day rehab. Leah’s new orthotic was delivered on the 22nd, and she is making good progress. We are excited to see the growth she’ll make in the next three weeks. Her tentative discharge date is still January 13th. At that point, she’ll have therapy only twice a week. Our goal is to make it to the gym an additional 3 or 4 days a week to continue building her strength.

Her appointment with the cardiologist went well. Her heart looks perfect, no signs of diminished function. Praise God.

The pulmonary doctor ordered a test that we will conduct at home to determine if there is still a need for oxygen when using the BPAP. In addition, we will repeat the sleep study in February to make sure her BPAP settings are accurate.
Her next MRI is at the end of January, and she is receiving Avastin today. We are praying that this new year will be a year of continued healing for Leah.

Thank you to everyone who ordered the new Brave Strong Girl shirts! We raised more than $3600 for St. Baldrick’s and pediatric cancer research. At the request of a few friends, we relaunched the fund. If you still need to order a shirt, here’s the new link.


The last day to order is January 2nd.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! šŸŽ„