Week 1

Leah finished her first week of rehab. It was a challenge, to say the least. Please continue to pray for her strength. The tentative end date is January 13th. At that point she will transition to regular physical therapy and occupational therapy- likely 2 or three days a week. The team meets weekly to assess Leah’s progress, and if needed, the end date will be adjusted.

On Thursday, she will be measured for an orthotic that will help stabilize her left leg. As she becomes stronger, the orthotic will be broken down to provide less support. We are hoping it will be delivered prior to Christmas. 

This week, we had a chair lift installed, so Leah has access to a shower and her bedroom. Life feels so much more normal, having the ability to be upstairs.

This week, we also have an appointment with plastics and cardiology. Plastics will simply check on the progress of her previous lip injury. And I’m happy to report its healing beautifully… At some point, Leah will have the option to have it fixed up a little, but that will be much later and only by her choice. Cardiology followed her closely in the hospital, and I expect the appointment to be a routine follow-up. 

Tuesday evening, we have an appointment with Dr. Nemeh. This is the doctor we saw immediately following Leah’s diagnosis in December 2012. After Dr. Nemeh prayed for Leah the very first time, we received a call the next day that Leah’s original diagnosis of aggressive, grade 4 brain cancer was incorrect. Since then, we’ve had one additional office visit and attended a healing service. It is very hard to get an appointment with Dr. Nemeh, and we feel very blessed to have this opportunity.

Just a reminder that the Brave Strong Girl t-shirt campaign ends in 6 days. Here is a picture and link so you can share the campaign on social media. 


Our greatest comfort is knowing that so many people are praying for Leah’s complete healing. Thank you so much. ❤️