Giving Thanks

On Tuesday, we were moved out of the PICU and onto the inpatient rehab floor. They are still monitoring Leah’s breathing at night. During the day, she is completely off oxygen, and her oxygen saturation is checked every four hours. Nothing remarkable has been noted. She has two hours of PT and two hours of OT every day, and she is making good progress. Her next MRI is Thursday. We are holding off on the hypobaric oxygen chamber until we have the MRI results.

Once they no longer need to monitor Leah’s breathing, we hope to be moved to the day rehab program. She would still have four hours of therapy daily, but we would commute.

Today, we were able to go home for Thanksgiving. We will also be able to spend some time at home on the weekends, but we have to return each evening to sleep.

Being away from home is AWFUL. Hoping we can move to day rehab soon.

Praying for miraculous MRI results on Thursday. 🙏