Onward and Upward

Since Friday, we’ve been trapped in the PICU due to insurance legistics, anxiously awaiting the delivery of our home BPAP. Today we learned it’s not coming. Our insurance will not cover a BPAP while inpatient. And the hospital doesn’t provide a BPAP outside of the PICU. So unless they planned to keep us prisoners of these four blue walls forever, one of them had to cave. Knowing full well that it wouldn’t be the insurance company, the hospital is providing us with a BPAP on the seventh floor. Then, insurance will send our home unit 24 hours prior to our final discharge, whenever that will be, so we can use it one night under supervision. How ridiculous… I would imagine the money insurance paid to keep us in the PICU three or four extra nights was ten times the cost of providing us with a BPAP while inpatient. Just doesn’t make sense. The part that is most disappointing is that Leah has to continue using the hospital BPAP while inpatient. It’s like a noisy tornado on her face, compared to the quiet, peaceful home unit we experienced during the sleep study. Mitch called the medical supply company to see what it would cost to pay cash to use the unit while inpatient. They are supposed to call back tomorrow, hopefully willing to negotiate a fair price. With all the stress Leah endures daily, it’s a no-brainer to do what we can to give her a peaceful night’s sleep.

Today, physiatry filed for the insurance to preapprove the inpatient rehab. If that comes back in a timely fashion (not holding my breath), we will be moved the the seventh floor tomorrow. But in an effort to keep our sanity, we have prepared ourselves for the fact that it may not happen until Wednesday. 

Good news- it is likely we will be given a day pass to take Leah home for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day. Fingers crossed. 

Leah looks and feels so much better than a few weeks ago. Every day she getting stronger, and for the most part, she is in good spirits.

I tell Leah that if she thinks about it, she’ll be able to feel all the people lifting her up prayer. When she’s sad and missing home. Or when she’s sick of people, wires, and tape touching her. And especially during physical therapy when she’s pushing herself to do really hard things.

Please continue to pray that Leah is blessed with peace, strength, and complete healing.