Sleep study went well. The final settings were very close to the settings from the previous evening, which had helped lower her CO2. Her CO2 levels dropped again today, so we know the new settings are working. They also monitored her CO2 levels during the day yesterday, and the results were adequate. 

During the sleep study, Leah used a BPAP that was similar to a home BPAP. It was much more comfortable and quiet than the PICU equipment, so we are anxious to receive our own home equipment. The preapproval for home equipment was sent to our insurance yesterday. Once approved, our home equipment will be sent to the PICU. Then we have to spend one additional night being monitored on the home equipment before being released to the 7th floor. We don’t really have a timeline. Hoping to be released by Tuesday. 

Once on the 7th floor, we will have a little more freedom, and her rehab will take place in the gym.

She is busy with therapy excercises, and she works on art projects in her down time. This is Leah’s painting from a recent art therapy session.

Thank you for your well wishes and continued prayers. We are counting on them.  🙏❤️