Goodbye Purple People Eater…

Last Wednesday was a happy day. 😊 We said goodbye to Leah’s long, oh so heavy, purple cast, which I lovingly named the Purple People Eater. The x-ray showed that her tibia is healing well, and we graduated to a short, neon green, below-the-knee cast. We were nervous about her knee being immobilized for a month after we worked so hard to get it bending after her knee surgery. Thankfully, she’s actually bending it more than she was prior to the cast. Little gifts, right?

She’s allowed to bear some weight on that leg when we are transitioning, but she’s still not allowed to use crutches or a walker. It’s too risky with the neuropathy. 

On the 31st, we will switch to a walking boot. I’m in the process of working out the details for day rehab. Hoping we’ll be able to start as soon as she’s in the walking boot.

A few weeks ago, with the onset of new neurological symptoms, we made the difficult decision to enroll Leah in online school. It’s mostly reading and taking notes, which can be pretty boring, but she works diligently every day. Bless her heart. We’re planning on Leah returning to school in January, upon completion of rehab.

Her MRI is next Thursday, 11/3. This might give us some insight into the new neurological symptoms. It’s been hard not knowing the cause behind these changes. I pray that the radiation is still hard at work, and that a dying tumor may be the culprit. I also pray that her body will heal and these new symptoms will fade with time.

In the past week, two friends have shared stories of cancer simply disappearing in family members. There’s no rules when it comes to miracles…