I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update… Truthfully, I was holding out for a good report. 

Unfortunately, Leah’s had many challenges since starting back to school. The most recent being a broken leg. Tuesday night, her leg gave out and she fell. She has a broken tibia, and she’s casted from her toes to mid thigh.

She’s not allowed to use crutches or bear any weight on her leg, so we are working on new daily routines. But, I do have a good report…

Today, less than 48 hours after her break, she returned to school and made it through the day with smiles. I’m really proud of her. 😊

While there are no changes in the MRI images, her leg weakness is concerning- especially now that it has resulted in a bone break. We met with the physiatrist yesterday, and she will conduct a muscle and nerve study in the near future. We have to wait until the cast is off for the nerve study, and we don’t have an exact timeline on that just yet. We will know more about the break next week.

Once the cast is off, day long physical therapy may be an option. It is an intense program, approximately 4 weeks, that may result in regaining the ability to walk independently.

Once again, we must be patient. 

Please pray for complete healing. πŸ’›