My sweet, dear friend, Karly Keller is participating in Pelotonia this summer. Years ago, Karly was a student in my fifth-grade class. Today, she is riding 180 miles in Leah’s honor, to raise funds for cancer research. Pelotonia, founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2008, is a bike tour that funds cancer research at The Ohio State University. Pelotonia is a two-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism.

Funding cancer research is critical to finding cures. Check out Karly’s fundraising site.

Our hearts will be with Karly every mile of training, and during the 180 mile tour. ❤️

Let’s kick cancer’s butt.


MRI Results

Today’s MRI showed that the tumor is still irritated by the radiation, which explains Leah’s symptoms. No official changes in size to report, but the radiation is still at work. We’ll have another MRI early August.

Last week we had a set back when Leah bit her lip in her sleep. She didn’t realize it, because she doesn’t have full sensation on the left side of her face. We had to go to the emergency room to make sure it didn’t need immediate attention. It has healed up quite a bit this past week, and we’ll see the plastic surgeon next week. It may need fixed up once it heals completely. 

The knee is coming along. We have PT three days a week, and we do a ton of stretching and strengthening at home. We happened to see the orthopedic surgeon in the hall today, and when he stopped to say hello, he expressed concern about the swelling in her knee. He’s going to see us on Monday to make sure we’re on the right track. 

Leah will also have Avastin again next week if her labs are good. It’s a chemo drug that helps reduce the swelling of the tumor. It’s a very low dose, and she tolerates it well.

Life’s not all medical stuff though… We are keeping up with school work at home.    Walking can be taxing, so we have outtings that don’t require too much- like going out to eat or to the movies. Leah is also working with her aunts to redecorate her room, and we are looking forward to seeing the show, “Matilda,” this month.

Leah’s best friend gave her a gift that reads…

And so we dance…