After a restful spring break, I was hoping Leah would feel well enough to return to school for half days. We’re not quite there yet, but I feel like we’re getting close. Today, a good friend reminded me that our goal was for Leah to return to school before the end of this year and to gain strength through the summer for a fresh, healthy start to her seventh grade school year. I was thankful for the reminder, because with April fast approaching I’ve been stewing that the healing isn’t happening fast enough. But, we’re still on the right track and moving in the right direction. We just need to be patient.

Earlier this month, we made a trip to the hospital for fluids, medicine and steroids to treat what I thought was a virus. I was surprised to learn that it was likely side effects of radiation. It was a slow recovery and definitely set back her progress with regaining full motion of her knee. For now, we are treating her symptoms and working on getting her knee moving. We see the orthopedic surgeon next week to evaluate the progress of both her knee and the scoliosis. Then the next MRI is May 5th. We are praying that not feeling well is a sign that the tumor is dying, and that she will start feeling better soon.

It sounds like a lot, and it is… But at the same time our days are also filled with the good stuff. Friends, cousins, cheese quesadillas, Dancing with the Stars, swimming, and school work. She’s finishing up a pretty tough math test as I type!

Some days are challenging- deciding when to rest and when to push a little, deciding when to help and when to walk the other way. We are praying for the guidance and wisdom we need.

Thank you for your continued prayers. πŸ’›


Shaving Heads to Conquer Childhood Cancer

Our friend, Brian Knepp, is a St. Baldrick’s shavee! He’s shaving his head this Sunday to raise funds for childhood cancer research! ☘

He’s shaving his head, so one day, kids with cancer won’t have to… 

So our kids won’t have to endure treatments that make them sick and exhausted. So our kids won’t have to miss school. So our kids can just be kids.

Thank you, Brian! You are a hero!