Forward is Forward

I was poking around Pintrest and saw this post.


Reminded me of my sweet Leah…

We’ve definitely made some progress this past week. Today, she made it down the steps and around the house without a crutch. Two steps forward. 😊

We also returned to physical therapy this week, and it wasn’t easy. When she heads into the gym with her physical therapist, I tell her to work hard and be tough. I know she is tired and sore, and she needs to dig deep. And she will, always my soldier.  We’re going to work really hard the next few days, so physical therapy isn’t so rough on Monday.

As her leg is on the mend, the radiation side effects are still around making the recovery more challenging. We are focusing on one day at a time, keeping in mind that there is a plan greater than our own.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Knowing that you are thinking of Leah and praying for her healing keeps us feeling hopeful and strong. πŸ’›