Good News

The MRI showed some necrosis (dying) of the tumor. This is a very good sign! We pray that the radiation will continue to kill the tumor. The next MRI is in three months, and we are hoping to see significant changes.

Right now, Leah feels miserable because the radiation was so hard on her brainstem. The necrosis could also be causing her to feel this way. We will work with the doctors to treat her symptoms and keep her feeling as good as possible. Most importantly, she needs to rest when she’s tired.

Tuesday is surgery to close the growth plate in her left leg. It’s a very simple surgery, but I’m worried it will take her longer than normal to recover since she isn’t feeling well. The bright side is that we’re checking it off the list, and we’re one step closer to feeling really good by the time summer rolls around. And right now, that’s our goal 🙂