Today was quite a day… Leah had radiation at 7:30 AM, and her goofy mom overestimated traffic. We arrived half an hour early, and the appointments were already running late. Treatment was uneventful, just the way we like it. Then, we dashed over to squeeze in twenty minutes of physical therapy. Her pysical therapist is the greatest, and we enjoy Leah’s appointments. She’s a little bit sore after, but it’s good that she is working those weak muscles. Next was the neuropsychology assessment, or as Leah describes it, “the test to see if I’m crazy.” It lasted four long hours, but Leah was in good spirits after. She’s been cracking me up all afternoon, telling me about all the “weird” things she did in there.

So when we first headed to the neuropsychology assessment, we were directed to request a shuttle to this particular building because it was too far to walk. That part went fine. After the appointment, we got a little wild and ventured out for lunch.


We decided to take a taxi back to the apartment, rather than take the shuttle back to the hospital to catch the bus home. Apparently, I lack taxi-hailing skills… So after ten minutes in the freezing cold, I went back into the building and asked the nice man sitting at the main desk (and absorbed in a magazine) if he could call me a cab. His advice was, “Just to go out to the main road.” We did, again. No luck. Then, with my tail between my legs, we hopped back in the elevator, returned to 7th floor, and asked the receptionist to request the shuttle to return to pick us up. I sensed things weren’t going our way when the receptionist had to call the shuttle service three separate times because they weren’t answering the phone. But, have faith, right? The shuttle was on the way! Twenty minutes later at the shuttle stop, our legs felt like popsicles and still no shuttle. Here’s the good part… I decided to give the taxi thing one more try. Third time’s a charm. We walked out to the main road, and I thought we might have more luck if we walked down a block or two. So we did. And low and behold, there before us stood the very hospital we were trying to get to! I had no idea we were just around the corner from where we needed to be. Thought maybe I should head back for a “crazy test” of my own. ha ha. I convinced Leah the fresh (freezing) air was good for us anyway….

We eventually made it back to the apartment safe and sound. A little while later, I bribed Leah to walk down to the convenient store so I could buy a bottle of wine. Three dollars and change for some munchins and small hot chocolate was a small price to pay. Now, we are working on dinner and dividing fractions 🙂

Day to day, things are going fine. Leah is a little tired, but still practices her dance moves each night- she can’t wait to get back to dance class. Sometimes, the sadness creeps up on us. Just a heavy, genuine sadness that Leah has to carry this burden. We answer with trying to keep our minds and hearts open to our greater purpose.

I once heard this quote, and I think about it a lot. “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s we’d grab ours back.” Regina Brett (New York Times bestselling author)

Honestly, sometimes I’m not positive I would wrestle the mom next to me to get my problems back… But, then again, if I didn’t, my life wouldn’t be exactly what it is now. And life is full of so many perfect, wonderful things, that I would never want to change. Every day, even on the hard days, I am truly thankful for all the good thing in our lives. The best thing being, that every day, I can talk to my family and tell them that I love them. Nothing beats it.