Last night, Leah’s neuro-oncologist called. After reviewing her recent MRI with the neurologist, they believe the severe headaches behind her right eye may be the result of congestion that was visible in the images. They will treat her for a sinus infection using antibiotics, and we’ll see if the headaches subside. She hasn’t had any cold symptoms at all, so I was surprised by the idea- but it’s worth a shot.

Today was our first day without appointments. We were both very happy to dodge the shuttle for a day. We slept in and made pancakes to freeze for breakfast this week. Later, we worked on her religion lesson and reading. Around 2:00 we ventured to Faneuil Hall for the annual Christmas tree lighting. If we walk down a few blocks, we can hop on the water shuttle for $3.50 per person, and it takes us toward the North End. There is an enclosed area, so even in inclement weather it’s a comfortable ride. Near Faneuil Hall, there was live entertainment for the tree lighting, horses and carriages, tons of shopping, and a few street performers. We walked around for a while and checked out Quincy Market- a long, narrow market place with tons of food vendors. After dinner at the Hard Rock, we thought about heading back to Quincy Market, but the area was getting very crowded (and a little crazy). There were tons of police officers- the most we’ve ever seen in one place! Since Leah is not a fan of taxis, we decided to catch the water shuttle back to our neighborhood. The last ride departed at 6:00, so it was dark when we arrived at the dock. We were sitting, waiting for the boat, when Leah thought she saw a squirrel… with a long skinny tail. It was a giant rat!!! All of sudden, we could see them scurrying everywhere -from the dock, to the trash cans, to the sewers. Yuck!

We made it back to our apartment safe and sound, and we are looking forward to a little Hallmark Channel and finishing our game of 500 Rummy before bed. We have treatment tomorrow since the clinic is closed for Thanksgiving.

Our nightime ride in the Boston Harbor…