Treatment number two checked off the list. Today’s color of choice was pink. Music- Taylor Swift. A gift, I’d bet, she’d love to know about.

We met with the proton doctors today, and they confirmed growth of the tumor at the base of the brainstem and top of the spine over the past year. These tumors are very slow growing, so new images need to be compared to old to detect any change. The good news is that proton therapy is targeting the entire mass.

We also had a physical therapy evaluation today. The physical therapist will work with Leah one or two times a week to build and maintain her strength during treatment. She explained that Leah’s weak side (her left) has actually been strengthened by the leg length discrepancy. Maybe this leg length discrepancy is a blessing in disguise… Later this week we will meet with the occupational therapist to determine if therapy is needed.

Tomorrow, we meet with the pediatric neuro-oncologist to discuss the recent MRIs and the possibility of replacing the steroids with a drug called Avastin. A low dose of Avastin may relieve the swelling that causes the vomitting and, likely, the headaches behind her right eye.

Leah felt very nauseous after treatment today. We attempted a trip to the store, but ended up resting instead. We increased one of Leah’s anti-nausea medicines and added a new medicine to the regimen. Hopefully, that will do the trick. 

We started school work today, too. Working to keep all of our good habits in place while we are away from home… We also found out that we have access to a pool that is very close to our apartment, so I definitely see swimming in our future. 😊