After reviewing Leah’s case, Dana Farber and Massachusettes General recommended six weeks of proton radiation at Massachusetts General in Boston. We will have a short visit the first week of November for appointments and testing, then return home until November 19th, which is the tentative start date. 

Leah and I will stay in Boston and return home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a family wedding in early December. Next week we should have dates and times finalized so we can book flights and make plans for traveling. We’ve contacted a non-profit that has apartments across the street from the hospital, and they are pretty sure they will have an opening for us. We’ll be able to tour the apartments when we go for our short visit at the beginning of November.

The doctor we spoke with was confident that this treatment will be successful. But the possible temporary and long term side effects are daunting, as with any pediatric cancer treatment. Praying that this is what’s best for our girl. ❤️