Feelin’ Good

This Tuesday, Leah will have labs to make sure she is ready for chemo on Thursday, September 17th.

We have made changes to her physical therapy, resulting in considerably less ankle pain. She is wearing Neoprene sleeves on her ankles for dance. Her first nights of tap and jazz this week were a success. My girl LOVES her dance! 

We also made an adjustment to the length of her school day, without missing instruction in her core subjects. No more passing out on the couch at 3:20! In fact tomorrow we are headed straight from school to the gym to swim a few laps 🙂 

Her next MRI and chemo are scheduled for October 8th. Dr. Rush won’t be there on the 8th, so we won’t have results until the 12th.  Will be a long four days of waiting, but I’m thinking of it as four extra days for prayer.