Thank You

You guys are AWESOME!!! This past week, a check in the amount of $10,044.58 was sent to Akron Children’s Hospital Neuro-Oncology Fund in honor of our brave, strong girl. Thank you so much for your generosity and helping spread the word about our Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign. We never, ever imagined that so many people would buy a BraveStrongGirl shirt!!! We can’t wait to see people sporting their shirts in September! Please pass along our most sincere, heartfelt thanks. ❤️

Leah had chemo #15 yesterday. We moved treatment to Monday with the hope that she can attend the first day of school on Thursday. Her next treatment will be Thursday, September 17th. Leah is feeling some relief from the pain in her ankles as she grows accustom to wearing the orthotics in her shoes. Tap and Jazz start early September, and we are praying that she’ll feel well enough to participate.

Yesterday, Leah’s doctor asked that we start thinking about the next step in her treatment. She feels that Leah may not be able to tolerate this regimen much longer. We will begin to research all of our options. We would really like to continue this regimen until the next MRI in October, which is a good possibility. Please continue to pray for Leah’s complete healing.