A bump in the road…

Last week, we received some news that was overwhelming at first. I can compare the feeling to one of those mornings when a lot of crummy things happen in a row. You wake up late, then you can’t find your car keys, then you reach for your coffee and realize you left it sitting on the kitchen counter. And for a second, you think, “Are you kidding me?” Then the rest of your day pretty much goes as planned, and you realize that your bad morning wasn’t so horrible after all.

Wednesday, we had an appointment with Dr. Ritzman to check Leah’s scoliosis. Thankfully, the scoliosis has not progressed to the point that she needs to wear a brace. However, after discussing Leah’s symptoms and taking a few x-rays, the doctor determined that one of Leah’s legs is 2.5 cm longer than the other. We will have a bone scan this morning, and a 1cm lift was added to her orthotics, which we will pick up this week. The doctor explained that it is likely Leah will need surgery to close the growth plates in her longer leg. He also said the scoliosis and discrepancy in leg length is unrelated to chemotherapy or the tumor. I’ve done some research in the meantime, and I’m reading just the opposite. Now it’s definitely possible that I wasn’t completely hearing the doctor, because I was having a major “Are you kidding me?” moment. But now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep and some time to gather my thoughts, I have a long list of questions to be answered.

The news was upsetting, but there really was no time to pout about it. Chemo was scheduled for the very next day, so we decided to take one thing at a time and focused on getting our ducks in a row for Thursday. And soon enough, the news didn’t seem as horrible as it did that morning.

Chemo on Thursday went as planned. This time around, the side effects have lasted longer than usual. She has an upset stomach, and she’s achy and tired. Hoping she wakes up feeling better. Please pray that today’s bone scan isn’t too stressful and that we get good results.

My friend sent me this quote on Thursday morning. I think I love it, because I just know she was laughing when she said it.