Chemo #14

Chemo #14 is scheduled for this Thursday. We will have labs on Wednesday to make sure she is ready, but she should be in good shape after the three week break. 

We’ve had a busy schedule since seeing the physiatrist on the 21st. Still no conclusion on the source of her ankle pain, which is very frustrating. Leah has been attending PT one day per week, but the doctor recommended a second day of aquatic PT. We haven’t started that yet, because that department is not returning my phone calls. We also had orthotics made for Leah’s shoes, which will be ready next week. And this Wednesday we will see the doctor about her scoliosis. Hoping we start to see a dramatic improvement in her ankle pain by the end of August. In the meantime, Leah has been swimming at the pool and the gym, which is the perfect activity when it’s difficult to be on your feet.

Thank you so much for supporting and sharing our BraveStrongGirl campaign! We’ve sold 264 shirts, and there are still 14 days left! It’s been fun to watch the number grow, and we can’t wait to see everyone wearing their shirts! 

Bonfire sent me this image that we can use to spread the word, if you’d like to post it to your social media đŸ™‚