Chemo On Hold

Leah will not have her scheduled treatment this week. Today’s lab results showed an unacceptable amount of protein in her urine, which means her kidneys are not tolerating the chemotherapy. The doctors will monitor Leah, and next week she will see the nephrologist. It’s important to delay chemo to prevent irreversible damage to the kidneys. Based on the findings of the next week, Leah’s chemotherapy schedule may be adjusted to every three or four weeks. Dr. Rush assured us that good results are still possible even with this change in the regimen.

Leah’s MRI will still take place this Thursday at 8:30AM, as scheduled. Please pause with us at 8:00AM on Thursday and pray for Leah’s complete healing, and that she feels strength and peace during her MRI.

Thank you for your continued prayers! ❤️