Chemo #9

A week ago, Leah decided to get rid of the little amount of hair that she had remaining. We made an appointment with the girl who usually cuts her hair. Not at all what a parent might imagine. Leah was all smiles, and “loved” her new look. Looking in the mirror, she no longer saw a patchy head of barely-there hair, but instead saw her beautiful face. Now she can wear a headband, a hat, a scarf, or not. Most days she doesn’t wear anything on her head, and there is never a moment of hesitation. That is an incredible gift. There’s already new growth, but we’re not sure if the new hair will hang on. Either way, we’re in a good place.

This past Thursday, Leah struggled with the idea of having her chemo and starting the cycle of not feeling well over again. I told Leah that I could not resist her cuteness and tried a little bribery in the gift shop on the way upstairs. He was a soft, cuddly brown and white puppy, and he did the trick for a short while. 

We ended the day with a quick visit to the art show in the Expressive Therapy Center. Leah had a painting on display. The theme was celebration, and her painting was a picture of her end of chemo party that took place in February of 2014. At that time, we believed Leah’s tumor had the BRAF mutation. Based on the mutation, chemotherapy was crossed off our list. Unfortunately, pathology was unable to confirm the mutation in the fall of 2014, disqualifying Leah for new treatments. So here we are, back to not-so-good, way-too-old chemotherapy. We decided we’ll just have to have another end of chemo party!