Confidence is Beautiful

We checked chemo #8 off the list this past Thursday. Leah was an absolute champ for her IV poke. Our good friends visited, and we squeezed in a game of scrabble. We were explaining the directions, and then the girls figured out it was “Words with Friends” in a box. Say no more. Leah felt more nauseous than usual at the end of this treatment, so we ended the visit with a first-class wheel chair ride to the car. 

We were very sad to learn that Dr. Rush’s PA, Amanda, is moving. Amanda is the person we communicate with on a regular basis regarding meds or concerns. She’s also there for all of our appointments. Our last visit with her will be on the 14th, and we will miss her so much. Whoever takes her place has seriously big shoes to fill.

Leah has lost most of her hair, and she’s styling some new scarves lately. Had to share this beautiful pic that Leah edited with Color Splash and posted to Instagram. (Disclaimer: She doesn’t really wear the red lipstick.)