A Few Changes

Chemo went well on Thursday. Each treatment, the PICU team rolls a portable ultrasound machine into the room and uses it to locate a good vein in Leah’s arm. This really helps alleviate some of the stress of getting poked. She prefers the poke in her left arm, because she is right-handed, and it’s safe to reuse the same vein. She still feels good about her choice to receive her medicine using IV instead of having a port in her chest again. She explains that it’s more natural to get poked in the arm than the chest. Can’t argue that.

The hospital was making a promotional video for the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, and Leah was so excited to be part of the video. They recorded a part of her music therapy session. She was playing the ukulele and singing “Ordinary Miracle” by Sarah McLachlan. Melted my heart. ❤️

I answered a few questions for the video too, but I’m really hoping my responses are not a part of the final product. I was so nervous… And I’m pretty sure I didn’t even answer the questions being asked! Leah definitely didn’t get her love of the stage and gift of gab from me!

We made a few changes in Leah’s medications this week. We changed her anti-nausea medicine and her nerve pain medicine. Due to those changes, we also had to increase one of her chemotherapy drugs. She felt worse than usual on Thursday evening and Friday, just achy and nauseous. She improved on Saturday and was well enough to play with her friends. Doubling the chemotherapy drug may also speed up her hair loss/thinning, but Leah has a great attitude about the possibility of changes with her hair. Most important to her is feeling well enough to go to school. Hoping she continues to feel well through the week and doesn’t have any vomiting. 

Before chemo #7 on April 16th, she’ll have an MRI at 8:30 AM. Please pray that Leah feels calm and peaceful during her MRI, and that we see a reduction in the size of the tumor.

Happy Easter! Thank you for your continued prayers!