Vitamin D

This past week we vacationed with friends in Florida, a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. It was the first time we traveled someplace warm and swimsuit worthy for spring break. Leaving thirty degree weather behind, you really notice the impact of sunshine on your days. 

Leah felt pretty good during the week. We were a little nervous about traveling during her treatment, but we managed. She started feeling poorly on our way home Saturday, and she missed school today. We’ve noticed a pattern of her not feeling well around days 10-12 following the treatment.

In August, Leah started a long-term steroid to reduce swelling in the brain and to prevent the tumor from causing vomiting. We weaned her from the steroid a month ago with the hope that her chemotherapy drug, Avastin, would take over the job of the steroid. Unfortunately, the Avastin isn’t getting the job done. We really don’t want to start the steroid again, so we are in search of other options.

Tomorrow, Leah has a physical therapy evaluation to begin working on her limp. It’s been around since her brain surgery in 2012, but seems to be more prominent lately. We’ll also have labs to make sure we are set for chemo #6 this Thursday.