High Fives

I know the fist bump is the new thing, but I still like the high five. That’s how we ended each day of school, with a high five once we got in the car. Leah was able to attend school every day this week, and even stayed after two days to participate in Girls on the Run. We both needed a good, long week of normal school and work.

The week started off a little bumpy on Sunday evening, when we noticed bruising on the knuckles of each of her fingers and toes. Initially, I thought her platelets might be low, so we had her blood checked on Tuesday. Thankfully, her numbers were great, and her platelet count actually went up. The doctor believes the bruising could be an undocumented side effect of the chemotherapy drugs. The good news is that her fingers and toes feel fine, so the plan is simply to keep an eye on things.

Last night the abdominal cramps set in, and they are still hanging around this morning. Planning on a restful day. On Tuesday we’ll have labs drawn, and if everything looks good, chemo #5 on Thursday.