Snow Day

I thought Leah would be a little disappointed that she had chemo today, since school was cancelled. Ends up she was happy that she wasn’t missing school, and that she wouldn’t have any make up work.

Finally, today’s poke proved to be what we had promised from the very beginning. We applied Emla to a few spots on her arms and hands so she would be numb. Then the PICU team used an ultra sound to find a good vein, and the job was done with only one poke. Thank goodness! The fact that the IV was in her left arm was icing on the cake. Her right hand was free to be busy for the rest of the day! The art therapist visited, and Leah created a painting for the upcoming Arts Show at Akron Children’s Hospital in May. The theme of the Arts Show is “Celebrate,” so Leah painted a picture of her Brave Strong Girl party that celebrated the end of chemo last February. Gracie and Jordy visited during the last hour and joined us for music therapy. The song of choice was “Bad Day.” (Even though it really wasn’t.) Leah played the Ukulele, the therapist played the guitar, and everyone sang along. Except me, because a mom signing is weird and embarrassing…

This week, we are increasing one of Leah’s medicines in an effort to reduce headaches. The stomach cramps are a side effect of the Irrinotecan, and that will be something we just have to work around for the remainder of this regimen.